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Bespoke treatments

Bespoke treatments are treatments tailored nore closely to your unique needs.

  • For example; if you feel that you need energy healing, but still would benefit from bodywork, then I can offer a mix of the two. In reality, there is always an energetic exchange going on during bodywork treatments, but these bespoke treatments tend to be more purposefully formulated.

  • Systematic Kinesiology is a therapy in its own right  which inherently has bodywork, emotional work, energetic work, and nutritional support incorporated in the treatments. It is helpful for a wide range of deeper issues like digestion, fatigue, or hormonal issues, and can be done to target those issues over a series of treatments, or as a maintenance treatment to support general health.

      As it is also helpful for structural issues, it can be mixed in a shortened form with a bodywork treatment.

  • In an online setting, I also offer energywork either on its own, or combined with yoga. For more information on my movement practices, please check out my yoga/qi gong website here.

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