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Swedish massage is a relaxing system of massage which stretches and relaxes sore muscles. The practitioner applies a variety of techniques which include both light and deep pressure with oils or creams to the muscles of the back, neck and shoulders, and arms and legs in order to release toxins and introduce fresh blood. Ideal for releasing muscle tension, this massage will sooth aching backs and shoulders and induce a state of deep relaxation.

Neck, back and shoulders (30mins) : £30


Full body (1hr) : £50


Sometimes known as Thai Yoga Massage or lazy yoga, this is for those who want a more interactive form of massage. Thai massage is performed fully clothed on a futon and involves the application of deep pressure at points along energetic lines in the body combined with yoga stretching techniques. It aids recovery in athletes, improves mobility and flexibility and introduces balance and relaxation.



1hr session : £50


1.5hr session : £70


2hr session : £90


Reflexology is a therapy whereby the systems within the body are brought into balance and the body's natural ability to heal itself is harnessed. Based on the premise that the whole body can be affected by stimulating the reflexes in the feet, the therapist applies thumb and finger pressure to points and areas on the feet. This is good for a wide range of problems including digestive, fertility and hormonal issues and also relieves tension in areas which would not normally be accessible to normal massage due to injury or inflammation. Reflexology can be extremely relaxing and can be performed as a series of treatments or just a one off.





£45 for a session


Thai foot massage is the massage of the feet and lower legs involving hands on stretching and massage along with the use of a special stick to stimulate the reflex points. It incorporates elements of reflexology and Chinese massage and is performed using soothing creams and oils. Apart from also being extremely relaxing, it benefits the circulation and lymphatic drainage in the legs, reduces stiffness and boosts the immune system. 



£45 for an hours session

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