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 Appointments are available mainly at Portland Therapy Centre in Soundwell (Church Court, North View, Soundwell BS16 4NQ), or the Bristol Natural Health Service, 407 Gloucester Road, Bristol, BS7 8TS), but I do also offer a limited number of home or corporate visits.

I also offer online appointments where appropriate.

All the therapies can be beneficial during pregnancy, however please note that it is not advisable to have a treatment until the pregnancy is beyond 13 weeks. 

Please give 24hrs notice if you have to cancel or rearrange your session. 

E-mail Olu :

or contact me on Facebook here

Payments are accepted in cash, credit/debit cards or in advance using PayPal


Swedish massage

Back, neck & shoulders

Price : £30


Swedish massage

Full body

Price : £48


Thai massage

1 hour session

Price: £50


Thai massage

1.5 hour session

Price: £70


Thai massage

2 hour session

Price: £90

Thai massage

Foot massage

Price: £40.00



Price: £40.00

Gift Voucher


Price : £20.00

I offer the energywork modalities below, in person, online via Zoom, or remotely at an agreed time

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